Stevan Browning

CEO, Consulting Advisor, Mentor and Coach—Business Planning, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Work Flow Systems, and Creative Strategist

Stevan BrowningStevan Browning, Founder and CEO of Browning Business Management, is a collaborative, results-driven leader with expertise in building and delivering complete, end-to-end strategies and solutions for a diverse array of global companies. Stevan brings decades of experience to his clients, including a proven history of forming and managing lasting, mutually profitable strategic partnerships.

Stevan specializes in organizational effectiveness, sustainable best practices, and expertise, aligning advanced information management with successful strategic development decisions that shape culture enables growth and maintain quality, for new opportunities and achievements.

Stevan doesn’t just set illusional goals, but generates proactive measurable achievements. Combining an exclusive array of advanced software tools with his vast expertise, Stevan optimizes performance through management intelligence.

Stevan’s clients know that coping with the complexity of today’s management challenges is not a choice but an essential necessity. Innovative management practices can actually make the difference between a poorly managed business striving to survive the competition, and a successful company making its way to the top with full confidence.

Stevan Browning brings to his clients a long successful business career in marketing, sales, and applying modern technology to those areas. He is uniquely qualified as a small business advisor in the areas of marketing, sales, and business operations.


Stevan began his business career in the mid-1970’s with Thomas Electronics in Fort Worth, Texas. At Thomas, he was responsible for the installation, setup, programming, and support of a wide variety of telecom switching systems manufactured by companies such as NEC, Plantronics, Tie, Toshiba, Mitel, and ITT. During his first 5 years Steve earned 19 certifications in various switching technologies which made him one of the country’s top experts in the field of crossbar electronic switches.

Due to Stevan’s practical expertise he was selected to join a team whose mission, funded by a government grant, would enable paramedics in the field to remotely communicate vital patient information to emergency room doctors. This team invented a system capable of full duplex telemetry transmission and voice communication that coupled the wireless capabilities of FM radio with telecom switching. It was a huge success resulting in networks of linked radio-telephone systems throughout Texas which resemble today’s modern cellular networks.


By 1980 Stevan was Sr. Vice President of the Telecom Division at Thomas Electronics when he left to found his own business, Texa-Tel Communications, Inc. He steadily grew this small but always profitable business from a modest $10K capital investment to $2.5 million in sales.

In 1989 Stevan sold his interest in Texa-Tel allowing him to join International Claims Administration Corporation (Inter-Claim) in Dallas, Texas, at the request of Visa USA, one of Stevan’s larger telecom clients. Stevan continued his great success as Vice President of the Bank Card Division of Inter-claim until 1992 when he was asked to join Visa USA in Foster City, CA.

While working with the Visa USA Service Quality team in California Stevan further expanded his skills by earning certification in Life Heath and Accident insurance at Cal State, and Bank Card Management certification though the University of Oklahoma.

In 1998 he left Visa USA to become one of the founders of Custom Branded Networks, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to practical skills honed as the Chief Operating Officer of a publicly traded company, Stevan continued academic studies at the Decker Communication School of Effective Communications and studied the “Principles of SEC Reporting” with Grant Foster and “International Business Transactions” at Berkeley Law School.

During his career Stevan has successfully managed many marketing, sales, finance, and business operations teams. This typically involved developing strategy and implementing operations along with sales to major customers. Along the way he has developed expertise working with international customers and with outsourced software developers around the world.

Stevan Browning is the true partner for businesses that are on their way to the top!

Stevan will enable your company to increase its productivity, efficiency and competitive abilities. He will present you with unprecedented business intelligence and reporting, formulate new management strategies and uncover countless new opportunities for your business.

Whether you’re seeking ways to improve your business operations, develop and execute a new strategy. Stevan’s ability to understand business dynamics and respond to their specific challenges is priceless. Stevan’s knowledge and proven abilities are unsurpassed, and can take your business to a new level. From start-ups and young entrepreneurs to blue-chips, and market leaders, Stevan and his team work will challenge the limited of your business performance, positioning your business ahead of its competition.

Hooked by Stevan Browning

Today Stevan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his spare time, Stevan enjoys helping entrepreneurs and teaching Windsurfing. Stevan is and active member of the Board of Directors of the Foster City Chamber of Commerce, a One Page Planning professional, and Author. Stevan’s recent book Hooked—a simple guide to Successful Marketing is witnessing an example of Stevan’s passion for helping entrepreneurs and business owners on their path to business growth and success.

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